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Jiang Yin Haifeng elevator guide rail, Ltd.-电梯配件、扶梯配件、电梯导轨、机加工导轨、冷拔导轨、空心导轨、扶梯导轨、扶手导轨、T型导轨、T型压导板、连接板、导靴、滚轮导靴、对重导靴、T45/A、T50/A、T70/A、T70-1/B、T89/B、T75-3/B、T82/B、T78/B、T90/B、T114/B、T127、T140、TK5A、TK3A、TK5、TK3、8K、13K、18K、24K、30K、37K<

Our ability to generate?

The company has:The industry's first fully automated blasting, fuel injection, drying, production lines and organic exhaust gas purification system,The industry's largest 12 NC compound gantry planer,Metalworking automatic production line, semi-automatic metalworking processing production lines, professional GB product line,Automatic straightening straightening twisted T-type elevator guide rail system, more than 160 sets of processing equipment